Collection of segregated waste & scrap at source made easy with easybin platform

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What is EasyBin?

EasyBin is a waste & scrap management SaaS platform with a web portal and mobile apps.

The residential and commercial customers can use easybin mobile app for available waste and scrap collection services nearby and subscribe for regular pick-ups and on-demand pick-ups.

Individual collection contractors, scrap pickers, community members, collection staffs etc can use same easybin app as easybin agent to receive pick-up orders from collection service agencies they are working with.

Waste management companies and scrap dealers and wholesalers can subscribe with easybin platform as easybin agency for managing collection process and agents in their area of operation

Regular & On-demand waste and scrap pickup booking

Recycle more materials


The collected plastics are segregated as per the resin code, reprocessed into granules like LDPE and HDPE and service firms can sell these granules to plastic products manufacturing companies

Residential Waste

Household waste includes substances like plastic covers, meats, fish, bones, vegetables, fruits, used battery cells, paper, food wastes, etc. People need to segregate waste and keep it aside and later it handed over to the collection agents when they come for collecting waste.

Paper and cardboards

Many different kinds of paper can be recycled including white office paper, newspaper, colored office paper, cardboard, white computer paper, magazines, catalogs, and phone books.

Medical Waste

Medical waste management is very dangerous if not treated properly. So authorized medical waste service providers need to dispose the waste according to appropriate colour code bins, treat it by chemical disinfection, and makes sure it is properly disposed..


E-waste is a rich source of metals such as gold, silver, and copper, which can be recovered and brought back into the production cycle

Industrial Waste

Concrete, dirt, scrap metal, gravel, oil, chemicals,tumblr, scrap, solvents, all included in industrial waste. Industrial waste can be hazardous or non-hazardous waste in the form of solid, liquid or gas. Toxic, combustible, abrasive, radioactive or reactive types of waste should be handled with most care.

Pickup Services

For Customers

Regular Pickups

Leave your garbages and solid waste and scrap items neatly sorted, segregated and packaged. Our partner collection agencies will take them away with our regular pickup services

On-Demand Pickups

Dispose bulky wastes! Our partner collection agencies will lighten up your loads by picking up in a flexible schedule

Join as EasyBin Agents

It is easy to stay clean, Be a part of our EasyBin Team

We need tremendous community support to extend material collection services in each part of the country. The waste and scrap collection industry need more professional and passionate human force for better collection of materials by proper segregation, sorting and packaging at source itself. This process will significantly reduce collection process cost and improve quantity of materials recovered and reduce wastes entering into landfills and water bodies without processing.

Tech Enablement For Collection Service Providers

EasyBin is a SaaS Platform for Waste and Scrap collection service providers from all over the globe. The platform is built to function in any country in the world. We enable you to manage your existing waste and scrap collection process digitally and help to scale your operation to more areas without much investments in resource pool. We will take care your technology side. You focus on your core business. Ie material collection, trading and recycling.


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